Performance Management

At the end of the day, we recognize that performance trumps strategy. Our experienced team helps turn shoot-for-the-moon plans to on-the-ground success.

Unlike many service providers in the social impact sector, we fully recognize that strategy and data have limited value if an organization can’t turn aspirations and insights into action. We’ve also spent enough time in operating roles to know how hard it is for many organizations to manage and improve performance in consistent, systematic ways. We’re experts in creating processes, incentives, and capabilities to ensure every part of the organization is aligned with and plays a part in achieving the ultimate mission.

Performance Management Graphic

Our approach to Performance Management uses data to increase internal alignment and drive change management initiatives:

Organizational Alignment

First, we gather data regarding stakeholder interests, perceptions, capacity, and aspirations; the nature of relevant opportunities and challenges; and how things ‘actually’ work in practice vs. on paper. Then, using this data we facilitate a series of discussions and workshops to help everyone identify and align around key goals and changes.

Change Management

Changes in strategy, program design, or organizational structure are always difficult. Our team helps you roll out communications and support initiatives to ensure both champions and hold-outs are ready to move forward.

Service Optimization

Most organizations provide a range of programs or services, and many of these are combinations of multiple programmatic elements. We analyze the financial, resource, and impact implications of these efforts to determine how to increase impact and/or decrease costs.

Decision-making and Delivery Processes

Organizations and programs can rapidly outgrow their original processes, resulting in a lack of timely and transparent decisions or clunky service delivery. We’ll do the ‘process engineering’ work to understand how things happen currently and identify streamlined approaches to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

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