Fundraising Analytics

As fundraising becomes increasingly competitive, mission-driven organizations must find more effective, targeted ways to attract and interact with donors and volunteers to ensure their ongoing support.

We’re well aware that donors, grants, and other funding sources are the lifeblood of most mission-driven organizations. And while there are many fundraising experts out there, we leverage Cicero’s deep experience servicing best-in-class sales and marketing departments in the commercial sector to conduct cutting-edge analytics. These insights help you understand precisely what prompts each type of donor to support your organization and efforts, helping development teams efficiently tailor your outreach to maximize long-term support.

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Research & Analytics

The donor landscape is a highly competitive space. Donor perception of an organization and its mission is a significant driver in their decisions to give to that organization. As such, it is vital to future funding efforts to understand who supports the organization’s specific cause and why, as well as the behaviors and reasons behind those who continue to support the cause.

Cicero Group’s roots are in market research. As such, Cicero Social Impact has the experience, tools, and insight to both conduct donor awareness and perception research and deliver performance analytics and implications.


While information on the whole gambit of potential donors is valuable, effective communication and outreach comes with individual understanding. Through primary research and robust analytics we can identify the diverse segments within the donor population.

By developing rigorous, distinct segment profiles, you can understand the differences in opinion and behavior among key donor groups. This directly informs your understanding of what types of communication each segment responds to.

Prediction & Acquisition

Beyond identifying the characteristics of various donor segments, Cicero can help you actually locate the members of various segments. Through predictive analysis we will direct you to the door of those donors most likely to support your cause consistently.

Messaging & Engagement

Far from simply leaving you alone with the results. Cicero considers itself to be a partner in your success. As such, in addition to providing you with segment profiles, Cicero will provide and guide you through contact and education strategies, specific to each segment.

Even without segments, Cicero can provide you with differentiated outreach and engagement strategies—increasing your ability to control your brand awareness and improve donor perception.

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