For us, success isn’t a completed project or even a happy client. We measure our impact in terms of clients’ improved ability to achieve their mission.

NGO Impact Evaluation

A quasi-experimental impact evaluation in Central America documented 44% growth in beneficiaries’ income and 249% increase in savings.

M&E for National Training Collaborative

Rigorous performance monitoring of a leadership program turned a pilot into a universally-lauded success.

Performance Management in a Complex Organization

A higher education institution sought to increase its enrollment efficiency by improving the ‘inquiry to enrollment’ processes. Cicero conducted qualitative and quantitative research to determine the causes of attrition and design and implement corresponding solutions.

Capacity Building for Service Providers

A cross-sector organization engaged funders, nonprofits, and governments in several states to develop a pipeline for Pay for Success projects, but it needed help building organizations’ capacity to develop a strategic, data-driven approach to service delivery.

City-wide Collective Impact Strategy

Facilitating collaboration between government leaders, nonprofits, and business partners through Strategy-to-Outcome workshops created and launched a collective impact strategy for youth.

International NGO Donor Analytics

Combining donation analytics with an original donor survey led to a segmented, customized strategy to engage donors and differentiate from competing nonprofit offerings.

Strategy for National Leadership Initiative

Rigorous theory of change planning clarified the strategy and core activities of two high-profile foundations’ collaborative leadership development program.

Patron and Donor Segmentation Yields Increased Support

A prominent arts organization was facing declining attendance and donations. Cicero research and recommendations led to increased patronage by identifying distinct patron segments which led to improved program offerings meeting the interests of different audience groups.

Attrition Analysis Increases Funding

Building on a detailed understanding about its different audience segments, an arts organization needed Cicero’s help to develop a new marketing, patron interaction, and performance strategy tailored to each segment.

Strategy for Innovative, High-Impact Startup

Strategic guidance for an innovative startup to identify and clarify the organization’s long-term strategy led to greater focus and clearer decision-making regarding each new opportunity.

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