Why Cicero?

Cicero’s expertise, people, and proven results are evidence that Cicero has what it takes. We take pride in our team, and we know how to build capable professionals.

Our Culture

Simply put, we’re a unique combination of fun-loving, highly responsive nerds who have mastered the art of translating mounds of data into meaningful strategic direction for our clients.

Most of us speak multiple languages. We hang-out late debating philosophy and politics. And if you stop by our office you’re as likely to find our children raucously making faces at themselves in the one-way focus group glass as you are to find us face-down studying an econometrics textbook.

Juxtapositions abound: we use robust statistics software but sometimes the back of napkins for algorithm-derivation; we appreciate Keynes and Friedman simultaneously; and we cover our tattoos with business shirts and ties.

We’re fun to work with and we’re great at what we do: delivering insights that drive long-term, profitable growth for our clients.


Not only are our people qualified, intelligent, and hardworking, but they are kind, friendly, loyal and supportive. We hire people who are intelligent in all aspects of their life, which makes working with us more effective, efficient, and enjoyable. Our clients know that Cicero recruits the best, and they count on strong values, and an intelligent team whenever they work with us.


Cicero Group prides itself on its thought leadership and expertise. Our leadership and teams have deep experience at the top strategy consulting firms which is a cross pollination of ideas and methodologies to customize solutions for clients. They also hold PhD’s, MBA’s, JD’s and advanced analytics degrees from leading institutions bringing newest theories and concepts to the workplace. Not only are Cicero’s teams experienced in the US, but they have executed strategy around the world in 47 countries and 14 foreign languages enabling some of the world’s largest corporations and organizations to overcome challenges and build their businesses further.


Our teams produce results for our clients. We can build value because we know how to structure problems, gather and interpret data, and simply communicate next steps and implementation. Our clients come to us with difficult problems, and Cicero advises and builds companies for the best outcomes.

We Invest in You

Within Cicero, there are a variety of opportunities to grow—and we realize that growth doesn’t have one definition. Each team member has personal goals to achieve, and we do everything we can to support those goals. During the day-to-day, our teams are seasoned as they work with top professionals and clients, and are supported as they grow within Cicero or pursue opportunities at the best firms and business schools in the world. No matter the objectives and goals our team members have, Cicero invests in its employees to foster growth and fulfillment, producing impact for both its team members and clients.

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