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We look for the best minds in the social sector. Our philosophy is that our frameworks and concepts can be learned, and that the success of each project is dependent on how quickly we learn and relearn. Our clients demand that we become experts in their issue areas, and we pride ourselves on always meeting that challenge. Our application process is comprised of a variety of business case exercises, behavioral interviews, and presentations. Our recruiting process is engineered to showcase talent and confidence. We believe we hire the best, and our clients would agree. If you are interested in applying, please submit your resume and the below information to begin the interviewing process. We’ll reach out to you directly if we see a good fit. Note: We ask for personal information solely as part of an official application for employment. Cicero Group never requests your personal financial information in connection with any application for employment.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts typically hold a Bachelor’s degree in business, analytics, or related fields. They may join directly upon graduation from an undergraduate program or after several years of work experience. Responsibilities include:

  • Executing quantitative, qualitative, and secondary research
  • Building data models (including data mining and analysis)
  • Developing and delivering strategic recommendations and implementation plans


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Associates typically hold a Bachelor’s degree in business, analytics, or related fields; many have also obtained graduate degrees. They may join Cicero directly upon graduation from a graduate program or after 3-5+ years of work experience in an analytical role. Responsibilities include:

  • Effectively communicating with clients to understand business objectives
  • Executing research and analysis, including managing and mentoring junior staff in completing project work
  • Developing and delivering strategic recommendations and implementation plans


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Engagement Manager

Engagement managers are senior leaders in the firm with the opportunity to drive thought leadership in the sector. They are primarily responsible for managing client relationships, leading internal teams in developing solutions, and contributing to the growth and impact of the firm. Responsibilities include:

  • Lead client projects in strategy, measurement, and performance improvement by:
    • Building and maintaining strong, collaborative, impact-oriented relationships with senior clients,
    • Articulating the core challenge to be solved and crafting a robust approach to address the solution’s key elements,
    • Providing ongoing leadership to the project team to ensure on-time, high-quality execution of all deliverables, and
    • Ensuring the entire process maximizes the client’s ability to implement the solution and improve once the project is over.
  • Communicate effectively to understand client business objectives and strategic challenges
  • Lead and manage internal teams in execution of project workplans and deliverables
  • Build the firm as a member of the management team with responsibility for business development, thought-leadership, personnel recruiting and training, leadership of internal firm initiatives, etc.


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