Who We Serve

We are privileged to serve a wide variety of organizations across the social sector, across the U.S. and around the world. From former Presidents of the United States to a local homeless shelter to NGOs fighting poverty in Nicaragua, all of our clients strive to solve some of society’s most complex challenges. Our depth and history allow us to combine the best practices from a range of experiences with a commitment to tailoring our services to each client’s needs. All in an effort to help our clients do even better what they already do so well—make the world a better place.

Private and Corporate Foundations

"Cicero Social Impact played a pivotal role in making the inaugural year of the Presidential Leadership Scholars program a success. They're an excellent resource for both rigorous evaluation and strategic but practical program design, and among the best I've worked with in all my years in government and community efforts. On top of all that, they're great to work with—practical, action-oriented, and fun!"

Holly Kuzmich, Senior Vice President, George W. Bush Institute

"We gave Cicero Social Impact a big challenge—determine our grantee’s impact in remote areas of Central America, all on a tight budget and timeline. They were fantastic at finding the right balance between methodological rigor and real-world constraints. And they did it in a way that the grantee appreciated the opportunity rather than resenting the exercise as an onerous audit."

Geoff Davis, Program Manager, LDS Self-Reliance

Nonprofit Organizations

As a fast growing international organization, Mary’s Meals has benefited enormously from the support provided by the Cicero Social Impact team. Their advice on strategic planning, organizational change, M&E, and various issues has been invaluable. The help and support provided by them has been consistently sensitive, appropriate, and extremely effective in helping us move forward and get better at what we do. We are enormously grateful for their help.

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrows, CEO, Mary’s Meals and Time 100 Person of the Year (2015)

Our work with Cicero has changed nearly every aspect of how we do business. We no longer segment our consumers based on how they purchase tickets, because we now understand why they purchase tickets. We no longer look out at our audience and see demographics; we see the nuanced groupings of desires and motivations that bring people through our doors for a shared experience. This has impacted the ways in which we think about creating art, the ways in which we deliver it, and the ways in which we connect our current and future stakeholders to everything we do.

Annie Burridge, Managing Director, Opera Philadelphia

Cicero brought the best of both their cutting-edge market research and their deep understanding of the nonprofit sector. This meant they asked exactly the right questions, helped identify the right type of analysis for our situation, and unpacked the results in a way that made the whole development really excited about new ways to think about and engage MTI’s donors.

Kristen Cox, Fundraising Consultant, Medical Teams International

The support and guidance that we received from Cicero enabled us to pull together two years of work in the community and create an achievable plan for moving forward. Bringing in a neutral third party was critical for our success!

Deana Hunt, SVP of Community Impact, United Way

Social Enterprises

"We love working with the Cicero Social Impact team! They’ve integrated with our team in a way that’s led to a long-term partnership, not just a one-time solution. Partnering with them has improved our performance in a dozen ways, from our overall strategic thinking to our own team’s efficiency to our credibility with stakeholders."

Jeremy Keele, Executive Director, Policy Innovation Lab