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Our solutions drive long-term, positive outcomes. Our delighted clients and portfolio of strong results demonstrates our capacity and skill to win.

Cicero Group

Cicero Group is a premier data-driven strategy consulting firm. The bottom line, we integrate inductive problem solving with insightful data analytics, implementing strategies that transform our clients’ businesses. We focus on meaningful results… period.

Our approach to strategy is fundamentally different. We’re not interested in handing our clients a glossy report with smart, but ultimately unrealizable ideas — our goal is to help organizations identify and implement real changes that drive long-term impact. We leverage an innovative capacity of triangulating internal “big data,” secondary data and primary research to develop evidence-based strategies, which uniquely positions us against traditional management consulting firms. Leveraging data — and inculcating corporate decision-making with perpetual data systems — has become a truly disruptive approach to strategy consulting, and few in the world have a similar capability as to Cicero Group.

Cicero Group serves a host of Fortune 1000 companies to create acquisition, retention, growth, new product development and operational optimization strategies based on the accurate collection, structuring and analysis of disparate data sources.

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